Prototyping and Samples

Prototype Your Package

Prototyping Foam Packaging

Test it before you make a decision. To ensure your package gets there securely and to make sure your product fits properly inside the packaging, test it.

Whether it’s a custom foam insert, a color printed custom box or an intricate stabilizing design, it is wise to test it first!

Test the fit, test the waterproofing, test the concussion, test the feasibility of use, test the weight, test it all. We are partners with you in your mission of successful product delivery. Our mission is to give you peace-of-mind before you package and ship your product.

Package Design Consultation

Every product has specific packaging needs, from cold metal requirements to delicate optics and instrumentation to food and biological products. Before you start shipping, let the experts at Cratek Supply evaluate your packaging design.

Our specialists offer a full range of testing and design validation experience to ensure your packaging delivers the safety and stability you need to ship with confidence. We have the design capabilities to help ensure your product makes it to market safely. Prototyping your packaging is critical to your success and we take your success very seriously.

Call Cratek Supply Company to provide you with a quality Prototype and Sample suited to your specific needs.

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