Foam-In-Place Packaging

Custom Fit for Fast and Safe Packing

Foam In Place PackagingFoam-In-Place is a unique, custom and very versatile way to pack your items. It is a set of chemicals that is sprayed into a polyethylene bag around your item, a mold or a box based on your preference.

As the chemicals mix, they begin to expand and foam up. The foam fills any void and covers any exposed corners while also padding the inside of the outer container.

Thus, the mold is absolutely custom to your piece.

Premade “FIP” Sets
(Foam-In-Place Packaging Sets)

First we create a “wooden” model of your piece and efficient sized box. Then, we use these models to mold the Foam-in-Place to custom fit your piece. And after testing the “fit”, we deliver the foam molds according to your pre-determined schedule. The foam pieces and boxes are ready for you to assemble at your office according to your production requirements.

We can also make a packing system using FIP, box, stickers, and pallets ext. custom to your inner box or product. We will take dimensions of the item and construct a wooden mold.

Call us with your Foam In Place Requirements and put our experience to work for you!

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