Warehouse Supplies

In your rush to get goods out the door and to receive truckloads of products each day, warehouse supplies are the last thing on your mind. When you reach for stretch to ship a pallet, you expect for to to be there. When it’s not, it could put production at a stand-still.

Cratek Supply stocks the most popular warehouse supplies to keep you moving even in a pinch. Let us help you be prepared and fully stocked with the basic necessities that way you can get back to your big picture.

pallet covers


• Type: Cast or Blown
• Gauges: 65 – 150
• Width: 3” – 20”
• Hand and Machine Grade
• Stretch Flex Durability Technology for puncture resistance and strength.


• Heat Treated
• Reconditioned
• Full, half sizes, custom sizes


• Corrugated, foam or plastic
• Width varieties
• Length: 2” – 96”
• Pallet quantity pricing


• Materials: Steel, Polypropylene, Polyester
• Machine and hand-grade
• Widths: ½” – 1-1/4”
• Lengths: 3000’-9900’
• Gauge varieties
• Strapping Kits


• Stock Labels
• Custom Labels

Dispensers and Tools

• For tape, stretch, banding, labels, foam/bubble, peanuts and more.
• For cutting, measuring, strapping, weighing and more.

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