Our Team

Samantha Adams

Branch Manager, Sales

Samantha comes to us with a communications/advertising background. As a local artist, she understands the importance of quality packaging for a project that has many hours invested. Her creativity and attention to detail are essential when creating packaging around obscure items. She can also help you envision packaging that not only protects but can be an extension of your advertising.

Carlos Norman

Inventory Manager, Accounts Manager

Carlos manages the daily incoming and outgoing inventory. His enlistment in the Marine Corps has shaped his organizational skills and his ability to multi-task. Along with managing our inventory, he is the Accounts Manager. Carlos has a BS in Accounting from the University of Houston.

David Mohr

Order Fullfillment

Dave Mohr is the smiling face of our company. He is responsible for pulling orders, loading trucks, planning delivery routes, and delivering to our customers. His knowledge of our products and customers is vast and he rounds out our successful team.

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