Foam-In-Place Molding

We Create Foam-in-Place Moldings to Secure and Protect Your Item
Foam-in-Place can be used either to package “one-time” items, or for the creation of custom foam forms (molds) to that you can use to package recurring production items.Packaging an Item with Foam-in-Place
Bring your item to be secured to our offices, and we will measure the box needed, find a stock box, or build a custom box to suit your need, and package, secure, and protect your item(s) using Foam-in-Place. We will also apply the required “Package Watch” or information labels. Your item(s) will be ready to be shipped.

Creating Foam-in-Place Moldings for Recurring Production Pieces
You have specific production items that you need to secure and ship on a regular basis. We can create a packaging assembly that allow you to fit your pieces in, without having to either buy the Foam-in-Place equipment, or have to come to our offices every time you need to ship an item. This will allow you to save time, while having a custom packaging to secure your item(s).

We create a “wooden” model of your piece and box. We use these models to mold the Foam-in-Place to custom fit your piece. We then deliver the foam molds as you need them, for you to assemble your packages at your factory. We can also create the complete packaging assembly for your production items, and deliver them to you Just-in-Time.

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